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David Oliver

TESOL Arabia and International Conference: Presentations, Proceedings and Publications

•  2014 King Abdul-Aziz University Professinal Development Seminar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia “Simple Geomterics and Printing the Western Alphabet” (workshop)

•  2013 New York Institute of Technology, Nanjing, China “Simplifying the IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors" (workshop/Training seminar)

•  2010 CamTesol , Phnom Penh, Cambodia: The Frontier of the Flipped Classroom: Student entered Lessons, Peer evaluation, Collaborative Learning. Tasks and Outcomes (workshop)

•  2008 TESOL Arabia , Dubai, UAE: “”How Effective Are Stand Alone Grammar Classes in an ESL/FL classroom? ” (presentation)

•  2007 TESOL Arabia. Dubai, UAE : “A Target Specific Error Correction System” by David Oliver (presentation)

•  2006 TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE “Integrated Skills Lesson Plan: A Multi-Media Presentation” Full Presentation by Oliver, David (Presentations, proceeding)

•  Online Presentation (presentation)

•  TESOL 2000 Electronic Village, Vancouver, B.C . by David Oliver (presentation)

•  “ Building Classroom Web Pages: A Teaching Resource for Expanding Multi-Level Classroom Using Blackboard LMS” (presentation)

•  Using ISLA for Ethnocentric Content Based ESL Instruction (presentation)

•  1998 TESOL Arabia, Al Ain, UAE: “Kuwait University's Faculty of Medicine Attitudes towards Learning English” Full Presentation co-authored by Oliver, David and Vogt, Christina (Published Proceedings and Eric)

•  1992 Regional TESOL, New Orleans, Louisiana : “Minimalist Fiction as an ESL/FL Learning Mechanism” (presentation)

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